Photos of a chili verde burrito, a hotdog, and zucchini fries from Roundabout Grill in Victorville.

Roundabout Grill in Victorville – Local Food Review by VV411 Members

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( Interested in hearing what locals have to say about the Roundabout Grill in Victorville? Here’s some information that was shared with the local community by our members on Facebook!

VV411 Member Tyty Curtis and his boyfriend Thomas Mcgannon went for a bite to eat at the newly opened diner, located at 12760 Hesperia Road in the City of Victorville, California, which was home to the former Los Robertos Mexican Restaurant.

The building sits next to the Chase Bank on Hesperia Road, just south of Nisqualli Road.

“This place looks so nice. Come check it out,” said Tyty adding that the restaurant had a massive kitchen, seating in the restaurant, and a drive-thru for those wanting to take the food on the road.

In his social media post, he shared some photos of the menu that says the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner using fresh produce.

The menu featured omelettes that come with cheese, hashbrowns, and toast; breakfast burritos prepared with meat, cheese, eggs, hashbrowns, and salsa; breakfast sandwiches, Mexican breakfast plates that come with tortillas, served with your choice of machaca and eggs, chorizo and eggs, and huevos rancheros.

The menu continued with a variety of offerings from quesadillas, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chili cheese fries, and much more.

The post received over 54 comments and 133 Facebook ‘likes’.

A member shared a photo of there food ordered at Roundabout Grill in Victorville – Credit: Kaitlyn Ortiz

“I had a chicken sandwich and it wasn’t bad at all besides the tomato being soggy lol,” Tyty commented. “Other than that, it was great for the first time. They were fast.”

Shirley said the review encouraged her to try it out. Credit: Shirley McConnell

Although Tyty didn’t post photos of his food, other members shared their photos, including Omar Perdido, who said he had the avocado bacon cheeseburger, and Kaitlyn Ortiz said shared her photos of a green burrito, a hotdog, and zucchini fries.

“Ate there tonight and the food was good, the fried zucchini was the best part. I definitely will be back,” said Kaitlyn.

Another VV411 member said that after reading all the comments and seeing the photos, she had to check it out for herself, sharing a photo also of zucchini fries and a green burrito.

“Read about them in the 411,” stated Shirley McConnell, “and we went and tried them last night OMG very good place, they put a lot of work into it and the food was delicious.”

Do you plan on eating there, or have already checked it out? Share your review and photos below.

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