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Community Guidelines

The short version / TL;DR

We see the VV411 Community as a place to discuss building communities, VV411 is a place for collaboration between its members where they can help each other in various ways, whether by sharing helpful materials or advice. Going off-topic is fine once in a while if done in the proper group and not to ‘spam’ the community, please help keep the focus.

The long version / TS;WM

The VV411 Community was established to serve a few purposes. Firstly, a community hub where locals can stay connected and informed. Secondly, it’s meant as a safe and focused space for members who want to get to know more about our community and each other on a deeper level, building a stronger community and keeping in touch with the VVNG and VV411 teams. Thirdly, it serves as an auxiliary platform for our readers to get support from one another in a new way without the need for a social media account.

We believe in focus. That’s one of the main reasons we created VV411 and keep making it better every day. The focus is keeping our community clean and clear of unwanted random content so that its members can get easier to the information they look for without being distracted.

These guidelines are created to ensure we can create the best possible space for you and in turn later on for your community. By having an account on VV411.com you agree to these guidelines as well as other Policies and Terms of Use. Going out of bounds of these guidelines could result in content removal and banned accounts. Account bans are global and affect not only VV411 Community access but also access to your purchases.

Feel free to share any and all questions regarding VV411. How it works and all. Report problems, if you have any. Report bugs, so our developers can squish them and ensure they don’t appear in the future.

We encourage you to share information about the community that you are building. Share the link to it. Shed some lite on what’s its focus. Tell friends and family to join it.

Inappropriate, illegal content and spam will not be tolerated and will result in its removal as well as the banning of your account followed by sending information to the proper authorities dependent on your country of residence.

Remember that respect is something that goes both ways. It needs to be given to be received. Respect your fellow community members as well as VV411 staff. Reports of abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Sharing what in your opinion is useful service, news, and information is great. However, they mustn’t be designed as purely promotional posts designed to lure members to buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell. We also do not allow sharing links that lead directly or indirectly to VV411 or local VVNG competitors, though.

Every member can see an option to report posts and comments. If you feel some content is inappropriate, please do report it so VV411 staff can handle it.

We believe these guidelines are fair and easy to follow. Anyone with common sense and human decency shouldn’t have any issues following them. If you don’t follow guidelines, perhaps you should find a different community to be a part of. Or build one yourself. Make no mistake, this is our community and we will enforce these guidelines to the best of our abilities to have a well-prospering and focused space for like-minded people who are passionate about the Victor Valley and the community.

By using the VV411.com website, you do agree to these guidelines as well as other policies linked to in the footer of the site. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. You are responsible for reviewing it on a regular basis.